Haider Akbar

“I start with reflecting, reflection transforms puzzles, puzzles become references, I search hard for these once cherished references, all I do is reflect and query, querying for fulfilment, but always yearning for nostalgia, it’s the drug, which I refuse to reject”

My work is consisted of mixed media, specifically Photography & Collaging. Majority of my work explores the psyche and my fascination with time & space, juxtaposing the past in order to explore our relationship with the “insignificance”.

I’m interested by the form and arrangement of our relationships may that be of the people in my life, surroundings, expression, current agenda, etc. My method of work comes from my diary as my ideas could flow and spark out to me at any point, some ideas may become very clear whereas others would take a lot practice and exhaustion. When it comes to describing my work I cannot really categorize it, as it would not be a true reflection on my thought process, but spirituality and nostalgia play a big part in all of this as well as narratives from my own life.


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