James Fowkes

I predominantly produce paintings from packaging and found objects.   I also fabricate models of buildings or structures, which I find interesting.  My aim is to distil the beauty in this subject matter through the medium of paint or graphite.  A beauty that is often overlooked.

I usually create drawings or paintings from packaging that resemble real structures such as a temple or ruin.  The combination of the detailing on the packaging, with the packaging’s uncanny resemblance to actual buildings or places, creates an interesting ambiguity within the picture.  I also find the intricate detailing on some packaging to be really fascinating and itself is subject matter for the creation of semi-abstract artwork.

The models that I make are not exact recreations of real buildings or structures.  I aim to create the essence of the building or structure, without paying too much attention to every tiny detail.  The rough quality of carelessly made models, translate into carefully crafted, beautiful paintings.  My process of creating artwork results in the paintings of such buildings to be considered ‘Baroque’ in style, contrasting heavily with the actual buildings, which are rigid and in-ornate.

Painting and drawing to me are very intimate practices, expressing my subject matter with intricate marks of paint and subtle colour nuances or pencil lines that are both flowing and rhythmical, help to create artworks that are detailed and descriptive, but also displays my sense of a stylised beauty in art and my passion for the medium.



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