Sarah Fortes Mayer

Sarah Fortes Mayer is a multi-disciplinary artist, performer and sculptor, her body is central to her practice. She is concerned with what she considers a disappearing, ageing body of becoming invisible in contemporary society demonstrates her ambition to make this concern visible.

Her highly skilled sculptures are uncanny, both beautiful and disturbing through hyper-sensitive exactness of casting.

She makes no attempt to disguise or enhance the source of the casting, the viewer is confronted and made to look again and again repeatedly, to notice without prejudice the fleshiness of her body, the delicate lace of the skin, the voluptuous figure. These bold works draw you in through repetition of form, one cast repeated and in each performative sculptural instance of repetition we see “a skin which unravels.”

Fortes Mayer makes full scale sculpture, torsos and miniature replicas of her own body.

Seductively similar, they suck us in, seduce us in to a sense of understanding but with a wry smile another facet appears to make us look closer, to see more clearly, to accept the same body as different, through elements of repetition of form, of making or of presentation. (Gilles Deleuze) [3]

Visit Sarah’s website here

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