Christine Gordon

Christine Gordon is an artist and poet currently based in Birmingham. She graduated in Fine Art from the Birmingham School of Art in 2011. Christine’s practice attempts to engage philosophically with the essence of transient experience and perception. This reflects her broad interests in spirituality, consciousness, memory, mortality, nature, time and the self.

Her previous practice explored the expectations, past and present, of assumed gender roles, race and identity. Her improvisational practice involves painting, collage, installation and inferred objects of domesticity involved a conversation about gender expectations.

Her written work The Reconstructed Aesthetic discusses the complexities of female representation within the context of a black aesthetic. Christine begins her discourse with an existential approach to the perceptions of beauty and the historical/ ideological fantasies of the black body. She proposes that the Reconstructed Aesthetic is the continuing re-consciousness of black identity and the body.

‘In connection with poetry and prose my practice constitutes painting, mixed media, photogram and early process photography. My work at present lends itself towards abstraction. I consider my practices – painting, mixed media and photography — as an ongoing dialogue, often beginning with a ‘stream of consciousness’ approach. The technique of working without a camera for my photographic practices relies on the impressions created by natural light.

Painting intuitively and working with other media such as pastels,charcoal, oils and acrylics on canvas or paper, allows me a certain flexibility. It gives me scope to create altered layers, texture and expressive marks in a controlled and uncontrolled manner’.

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